The Greatest Love Story

The Greatest Love Story

Once Upon a Time, there was a ….

Is that not how all the great love stories start? Sometimes it feels that way. Rushing to finish my Saturday chores, I paused to answer a call from a friend. To be honest, I didn’t mean to answer the phone. I needed to get all the items on my list checked off.

As soon as I answered and heard her voice, I knew it was not going to be a short call. A busy mom, wife and boss, her world had turned upside down. News that no wife ever wants to hear was achingly pulled from her soul. Her husband confessed that he was having an affair and was leaving her and the children.

Joining her quickly, I held her as she wept. I felt her pain as if it was my own. She was trapped in trying to figure out where she went wrong. I couldn’t answer that for her, but I could pray and support her on the journey she was now on. That was one year ago.

I called her this week as I knew this would probably be a hard week for her, Valentine’s Day was one of her favorite days. Whispering, she said to me, “Why am I so unlovable?” My heart wept when she said that, I lived that question.

If today you are wondering the same thing, why you are unlovable. Or you may be tired of relationships, of being used and abused. Perhaps, your loved one has passed on. This week may not be the easiest one for you. But let me share what I do know and am confident about, and what I shared with my friend.

The promised story

Let me tell you the greatest love story.

Once upon a time, a son was born to a poor family who loved him dearly. As the son grew up, the parents realized that he was extraordinary, as all parents think about their child, but no, they knew they were raising a king.

A king, you say, yes, a special king. But the people of the land hated him. No matter how much he cared for them, they laughed and called him names. Finally, sick and tired of him, they plotted to kill him. Those that loved him and didn’t want him to die tried to stop what was happening, but they couldn’t; the man was prepared to die for them all.

And he did.

Jesus was His name. God, the creator of all things, was the first to portray the greatest love story ever told. God sacrificed His one and only son to pay the debt for your sins and mine. Why?

Happy Valentines Day from Godly Woman 911

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.John 3:16

His son died so that we could have a future. Eternity.

This Valentine’s day might be tough. Lonely. Or just another day for you. But I promise you that no matter the circumstance you find yourself in, the pain that you may be feeling, God loves you. And His love for you will never change.

Powerful woman of God, you are loved and God is pursuing you.


One day at a time. Rest in the assurance that you play a significant role in the greatest love story ever written. My friend, I love you, I love you and I thank God for you and your life. Walk in Christ’s amazing love for you.

Prayer: The great I AM, glory be to your name. People are crying out for just one touch of your healing garment. For only one whisper from your holy lips. To the suffering and the hurting Lord, we pray for your abounding peace on their lives. May we feel the immense love that you have for us. Thank you that you Lord is constant and never changing. That your love is the same yesterday as it is today and will be tomorrow. We pray for your mercy and grace. In Jesus’ name. Amen

May God’s grace, mercy, love, and peace be with you.

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I became a Christian at a young age and baptized at the age of 13. My journey has been bittersweet. A majority of my life I have been a Christian. But not a Godly Woman. After many failures, tears and tribulation I realized that something in my Christian life had to change. No longer can I profess that I am a Christian but don’t show daily that Christ lives in me! No longer can I claim that I am HIS child when my thoughts, actions and deeds were not overflowing with HIS love. No longer could I live the way I was living and not seek him daily in prayer, scripture and worship. As the Lord blessed me with that knowledge I felt him also calling me to write my journey and share my thoughts, learning and mistakes with others. Hence the reason for 911. Not only was it a crises in my life to become a Godly Woman but as I delved into scripture to understand how to be Godly, I realized that we are living in crazy world where the desire to be Godly was no longer important. Many boast that they are a Christian and weekly attend Church, but lack the Godly qualities that Christ seeks in ALL of his followers. My deepest desire is to serve Christ faithfully, obey HIM joyfully, trust HIM always, seek HIM eternally and become his close friend so that I can share in his truth and knowledge. I pray that this blog blesses you and provide you with the strength, courage and wisdom to be a Godly Man or Woman.

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