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Godly Woman 911 Vision and Mission

Do you remember my welcome message to you?

Well, Godly Woman 911 was born out of tragedy.

I became a Christian at a young age and baptized at the age of 13. My journey has been bittersweet. For the majority of my life, I have been a Christian. But not a Godly Woman.

After many failures, tears and tribulation I realized that something in my Christian life had to change.

In all that I did wrong, God never abandoned me. But I had to put in the work. And I felt things changing. Hence the reason for 911. This was a priority for me. I realized I loved teaching and exploring His Word with others, so I founded the Godly Woman 911 brand where the Vision is,

Imagine a world where women thirst for Truth and feel empowered to make a difference.

Can you imagine that?

And the Mission is,

To encourage women to serve Christ faithfully, obey Him joyfully, trust Him always, and seek Him eternally as we carry out His will.

This journey led me to fall in absolute love with my Creator, the I AM, the one and only true God. I love our constant chats throughout the day. I envision Him laughing at my pranks and shaking His head at me when I need, absolutely need, to argue a teeny, tiny point on why maybe He should consider looking at it from my perspective.

I love Him. And my desire is to share that love and encourage each of you in your journey as well.

I can’t wait to hear from you and walk with you as we bring God joy.

About Casandra


Casandra Morris is an expert at failing. And only because of her personal relationship with God, she founded the international brand, Godly Woman 911, and is the author of several books. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, Casandra is a seasoned communicator, with a popular brand site and robust social media community. Her work has been recognized and awarded over the years both in academia and in her corporate roles. She is the Deputy Chairperson of her church eldership board and has served as President of the Youth Leadership National Executive Committee as well as other leadership roles in the Church. Born to an addicted mother and absentee father, Casandra was bounced between foster homes but considered that to be a vital part of her journey as she repeatedly witnessed God’s grace, mercy, and love first hand.

Casandra has spent her life in the Cayman Islands, where she enjoys serving others and spending copious amounts of time with her shorkie, Prince. She continues to journey with God and be obedient to the call He has laid on her life. Casandra is on a mission to empower women to know the truth and strengthen their relationship with God and His Word.

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  1. Thanks Gursimran,

    Congratulations on the release of your book. I have just purchased your book and will provide any feedback – please do allow me some time as I am currently writing my own book at this time.

    When sending the Amazon link to any Western countries, I would suggest you use this link: https://www.amazon.com/Triumphant-Thirty-into-unstoppable-impossible-ebook/dp/B07BR2S6G9/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=triumphant+thirty&qid=1567371558&s=gateway&sr=8-5

    Your original link was in the Indian currency and if one didn’t look closely may be turned off with that price. Use the link above as that will provide the US currency.

    We are always looking for guest bloggers as well on Godly Woman 911. Take a look at what we love posting and if you wish to submit a post, please do send to us at godlywoman911@gmail.com with your image to go with the post if approved.

    God’s richest blessings to you.

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