Resisting temptation. A lesson from Jesus

How do I resist temptation? A lesson from Jesus Weary and tired from a long day of errands, I struggle with putting the key into my front door. Sliding and twisting the lock, I grab the handle and feel my shoulders relax; I am home! Looking down, I pick up my bounty of joy andContinue reading “Resisting temptation. A lesson from Jesus”

Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel

Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel I have had a burning to write this message on crisis response – 7 lessons from Daniel. I sent an email a few weeks back to my GW911 family, just checking in and asking how they were coping with this pandemic. The response was amazing. Some were rejoicingContinue reading “Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel”

Godly Woman Characteristic – Belief

Godly Woman Characteristic – Belief (Series) “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that – and shudder.” – James 2:19 Even the demons believe A few years ago, in my frustrations with my ex-husband, I declared to him James 2:19. You see, he was not a Christian but firmly believed thatContinue reading “Godly Woman Characteristic – Belief”