Godly Woman, Live out your purpose.

Live out your purpose. Start Here?

Welcome to the GW911 online home.

Get comfortable and let’s spend some time together getting acquainted. Let’s face it, life happens. You want to keep the family happy. Advance in your career or personal goals. The calendar is full of activities for the day. And let’s not forget the number of volunteering or service that you may do for others.

You are one busy lady!

You try to fit in time to ‘connect’ with friends on social media, or if you are like me, maybe a lot more ‘liking’ those amazing food insta-pics and cooking videos. Connecting physically is getting harder, because who really has all of that time anymore?

And then again life happens.

Tragedy. Pain. Loneliness.

What do you do when tragedy happens? Who do you turn to? Why is God silent when you really need Him? Maybe you are a Christian. Or you are not really sure. God is no longer hearing from you. Your prayers go unanswered. You feel lonely and exhausted.

Does God really care? Does God speak to us? Why is God allowing you to go through this?

What is my purpose?

Join me as we explore life as women called by God to live out our purpose: giving God glory and bringing Him joy.

May God’s grace, mercy and love be with you as explore this site.

Godly Woman, live out your purpose. Seeking and pursuing truth. Purple and pink glitter.