Am I not believing enough?

Am I not believing enough? With tears running down her face, the lady cried, “Am I not believing enough?” Fist curled, thumping on her heart, she slid down the wall moaning in anguish. Praying for months with no answer. Reading the Word and believing that what Mark 11 says is true:

Resisting temptation. A lesson from Jesus

How do I resist temptation? A lesson from Jesus Weary and tired from a long day of errands, I struggle with putting the key into my front door. Sliding and twisting the lock, I grab the handle and feel my shoulders relax; I am home! Looking down, I pick up my bounty of joy andContinue reading “Resisting temptation. A lesson from Jesus”

Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel

Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel I have had a burning to write this message on crisis response – 7 lessons from Daniel. I sent an email a few weeks back to my GW911 family, just checking in and asking how they were coping with this pandemic. The response was amazing. Some were rejoicingContinue reading “Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel”