When you are broker than broke

“Glory to God… Lord you are so good to me” said Paula. Chris looked at her sideways with an exasperated look in his face, “What? Girl you are broker than broke. How in the world can you even praise God? You have been out of a job for six months and God still hasn’t answered … More When you are broker than broke

What to do with a Year’s Wages

I am broke. Ok… not broke broke. But definitely not living the life of having adequate savings. Changes are being made and I continue to seek Christ’s guidance in my journey. Last night I read in Mark 14:3-6 the story of the woman that poured perfume on Christ’s head and this morning I listened to … More What to do with a Year’s Wages

How to be prosperous 

Too much bills. Not enough money. Lots to do and achieve. Need more, more, more. Many today are seeking that magic wand of prosperity. Solomon was not only granted great wealth and prosperity from God but he was given what his heart truly desired which was wisdom. Solomon provided insight on how to be prosperous: … More How to be prosperous