When Religion is not enough

When Religion is not enough After reading John 11:38-57, it is a story that always leaves me astonished at the Pharisees but alert in my own life that I don’t become so “holy” that I lose true faith, heart, and belief in God. We can become so “religious” in our lives that we lose faith andContinue reading “When Religion is not enough”

Now that is faith!

As I was reading the story of the centurion, once finished I exclaimed to myself “Now that is some kind of faith!” Here is the bible story: “There a centurion’s servant, whom his master valued highly, was sick and about to die. The centurion heard of Jesus and sent some elders of the Jews toContinue reading “Now that is faith!”

Doing right in the eyes of the Lord

At a prayer retreat recently, during one of the prayer breakouts, I was praying and felt an urgency to also read the bible. I didn’t know where the Lord wanted me to read but I prayed for his guidance on what he wanted me to see. I opened the bible four times and was broughtContinue reading “Doing right in the eyes of the Lord”

God will make a way 

How many of you have read Exodus? It is the current book I am reading and I have to say that as I close out the book I found it a bit challenging. Total honesty – I found many chapters drawing a yawn out of me so I kept on praying prior to each chapter askingContinue reading “God will make a way “

6 Ways to bring joy to God’s heart

Can you just imagine the beauty, joy and peace it would be for each of us to actually bring joy to God’s heart? Are you bringing joy to God’s heart? What could you do differently to bring joy to God?