What the Lord Hates

What the Lord hates

“What the Lord hates” excerpt from Silent God: Know why God does not answer

“Are you doing what God hates?” read the billboard. “Huh,” I wondered to myself, “that is actually a pretty scary thought.” As I was driving back to my hotel on a business trip in the back of the car, I quickly grabbed my phone to search and understand what God hated. I was growing in my relationship with him and finding so much joy, it never dawned on me to seek and understand the things HE hated. These were things of course that I genuinely wanted to avoid.

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Practice what you preach

Practice what you preach

‘Practice what you preach’ is a famous idiom that I have heard over the years, but it surprised me to find that the origins came from the Bible.

So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.

Matthew 23:3
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Scariest verse in the Bible for Christians

Scariest verse in the Bible for Christians

As I was listening to a sermon recently, the Pastor commented, let me share with you the scariest verse in the Bible for Christians.

My ears perked up! “Scariest bible verse? What could it be?” I thought. He read:

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Resisting temptation. A lesson from Jesus

How do I resist temptation? A lesson from Jesus

Weary and tired from a long day of errands, I struggle with putting the key into my front door. Sliding and twisting the lock, I grab the handle and feel my shoulders relax; I am home! Looking down, I pick up my bounty of joy and get my 5-minute snuggle time. It has been a long day.

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Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel

Crisis response – 7 Lessons from Daniel

I have had a burning to write this message on crisis response – 7 lessons from Daniel. I sent an email a few weeks back to my GW911 family, just checking in and asking how they were coping with this pandemic. The response was amazing. Some were rejoicing in God’s goodness; others were leaning on His promises of daily bread, while some vulnerably shared their panic and fear during this time.

After responding to every email received, I felt a desire to search God’s word and identify persons who may have faced a crisis and their response. There is a fantastic example that I thought to share.

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