Don’t throw away your blessings

Then Jacob called for his sons and said: “Gather around so I can tell you what will happen to you in days to come.

“Assemble and listen, sons of Jacob;
    listen to your father Israel.

“Reuben, you are my firstborn,
    my might, the first sign of my strength,
    excelling in honor, excelling in power.
Turbulent as the waters, you will no longer excel,
    for you went up onto your father’s bed,
    onto my couch and defiled it. – Genesis 49:1-4

Reuben, Reuben, Reuben. Now this was one of the bad boys of the bible!

As the firstborn, Reuben would have been a leader to his brothers and receive the birthright – the double portion of the inheritance.

Jacob called his children in to foretell their future and pronounce a blessing before he died. Jacob’s prophecies provided insight into the future God had for his son’s tribes.

For Reuben, Jacob prophesied he would not excel because he defiled his father’s bed when he slept with his stepmother, Bilhah (his brothers Dan and Naphtali mother)

“While Israel was living in that region, Reuben went in and slept with his father’s concubine Bilhah, and Israel heard of it.” – Genesis 35:22

Reuben didn’t lose his standing as the firstborn but he did lose his birthright.

Reuben’s actions blocked his blessings. History tells us that even though that tribe was not forgotten, it was never prominent.

Jacob described Reuben as being ‘turbulent as the waters’.

Turbulent as waters - @GodlyWoman911

Reflect on your life and path you are taking. Is it turbulent as water? Is your environment, friends or your actions/ thoughts blocking your blessings?

Food for thought: Joshua 24:15-24 challenges who you should serve this day? Do you choose the Lord and following HIM or do you choose your own way? Your way will not lead you to your blessings.

Prayer: Abba Father, forgive us for choosing ‘other’ and not you, whatever that ‘other’ in our lives may be. May all declare that “But as for me and my household we will serve the Lord” and choose you first in all things. In Jesus name. Amen

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I became a Christian at a young age and baptized at the age of 13. My journey has been bittersweet. A majority of my life I have been a Christian. But not a Godly Woman. After many failures, tears and tribulation I realized that something in my Christian life had to change. No longer can I profess that I am a Christian but don’t show daily that Christ lives in me! No longer can I claim that I am HIS child when my thoughts, actions and deeds were not overflowing with HIS love. No longer could I live the way I was living and not seek him daily in prayer, scripture and worship. As the Lord blessed me with that knowledge I felt him also calling me to write my journey and share my thoughts, learning and mistakes with others. Hence the reason for 911. Not only was it a crises in my life to become a Godly Woman but as I delved into scripture to understand how to be Godly, I realized that we are living in crazy world where the desire to be Godly was no longer important. Many boast that they are a Christian and weekly attend Church, but lack the Godly qualities that Christ seeks in ALL of his followers. My deepest desire is to serve Christ faithfully, obey HIM joyfully, trust HIM always, seek HIM eternally and become his close friend so that I can share in his truth and knowledge. I pray that this blog blesses you and provide you with the strength, courage and wisdom to be a Godly Man or Woman.

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