When was the first earth day

When was the first earth day With earth day quickly approaching and our church preparing varying activities to celebrate, a thought crossed my mind, ‘When was the first earth day’? Digging deep into the archives (thank you Mr Google), an interesting story started to form.

Why did Jesus rise from the dead?

Why did Jesus rise from the dead? “Have you ever wondered why did Jesus rise from the dead?” asked my friend. My immediate response, “Jesus raised from the dead to fulfil God’s prophecy; Him raising from the dead was a part of God’s master plan.”

What Easter Means to me

What Easter means to me What Easter means to me conjures up images of love and feelings of warmth. As I prepare for Easter weekend, these feelings start to envelop my entire being. When we continue to hear a story repeatedly, it starts to lose its impact and somewhere along the way, any emotions fromContinue reading “What Easter Means to me”

Virginia Beach Shooting

Virginia Beach Shooting The continuous news feeds of the Virginia Beach shooting flared within me a need to connect with you. Reading the different news articles, my heart cried out for the young men ranging in ages 18 to 22, the victims, officers, and community overall.

Fighting God’s will

Fighting God’s will It has been 1 year since the borders of my country closed to all passengers. As someone who naturally enjoys staying at home with my baby boy, I relished the moments.  As one who is used to travelling almost monthly, the other night, I became extremely restless realizing that I had not travelled forContinue reading “Fighting God’s will”

International Day of Happiness

Why do we celebrate International Day of Happiness? We celebrate International Day of Happiness to recognize the importance of happiness in everyone’s lives. In a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in July 2012, the day of 20 March would be observed as the International Day of Happiness. The Assembly’s goal was to recognizeContinue reading “International Day of Happiness”