Christmas Giveaway: The Sexually Confident Wife

Christmas Giveaway: The Sexually Confident Wife As I am about to write the introduction of this, I am laughing to myself. There is a sense of shyness, fear, awkwardness and even embarrassment for me on this topic. So I laugh, because this is exactly what Author Shannon Ethridge is trying to encourage us that weContinue reading “Christmas Giveaway: The Sexually Confident Wife”

Christmas Giveaway: Captivating

Christmas Giveaway: Captivating I love Christmas! And there are so many reasons why but let me share my top two. Christmas is the season in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Savior. There are a few who don’t believe in celebrating Christmas because they feel that it is too commercial. IContinue reading “Christmas Giveaway: Captivating”

Why are we not studying the Bible?

Why are we not studying the Bible? “Aunty, what is the difference between reading and studying the Bible?” my niece asks as she is flying through the door into the house. Relieved to take a break from whipping up an apple cake, I gathered my thoughts and responded, “well, this may not be the bestContinue reading “Why are we not studying the Bible?”

The Best Christian Podcasts

The Best Christian Podcasts I love listening to podcasts and thought for this post I will share my opinion on the best Christian podcasts out there. Mission In order to be a woman after God’s own heart, my mission is to live a life of worship and continually seek God’s will. Searching, thirsting after andContinue reading “The Best Christian Podcasts”