Interesting facts when God spoke directly to women in the bible

women of the bible - @Godlywoman911I noticed a trend when God spoke to women in the bible…

So far I have noted 4 women that God spoke to directly: Eve, Sarah, Hagar, and Rebecca

When God spoke to Eve after asking her why she disobeyed his order to not eat from the tree, God responded by telling her what will happen to her in childbirth. Thereafter, Eve had Cain and Abel.

Sarah spoke directly to God and in their first conversation, when God asked her why she laughed when he told her she would have children in her old age, she lied to God saying she didn’t laugh. As we know, Sarah had a child years after that conversation with God. His name was Isaac.

Hagar, maidservant for Sarah who was convinced by Sarah to sleep with Abraham (Sarah’s husband) to give him a child because God was taking too long to keep his promise. Once she gets pregnant for Abraham, Sarah mistreated Hagar and she fled. God speaks to Hagar and tells her to go back to Sarah and she will bear a child that she should name Ishmael. After bearing the child and seeing Sarah also bear a child, Hagar was told to leave the camp. This time, God heard the cries of Hagar’s son, Ishmael, but he responded to Hagar. So twice God spoke to Hagar.

Rebekah, the wife of Isaac (son of Abraham and Sarah) could not have a child. Isaac pleaded to God on her behalf and he answered their prayer. When she was pregnant, with twins, the babies were given her so much trouble that she inquired of God what was happening. The Lord answered her and told her the future of her two sons, Esau and Jacob.

Three interesting things that come to mind with all of these women:

  1. They all play a major role in birthing the children who play leading roles in the lineage of the Israelite people.
  2. All of these women whether after or because of, spoke to God in relation to childbearing. All of which were male children.
  3. All of these conversations also took place in the Old Testament. I found no New Testament reference of God speaking directly with women.

Food for thought: Take some time out to fast and study the bible. Seek God’s guidance in opening your eyes up to things you didn’t know.

Prayer: God of wonder and light. Thank you for the treasures of wisdom found in your Word. Open our eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts and minds to understand. Teach us things that we do not know. In Jesus name. Amen

May God’s grace, mercy and peace be with you.

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