Why do you care when Jesus was born?

@GodlyWoman911 - Jesus birthThe New Year is here… Christmas has once again come and gone… And yet I found myself listening to a very energetic conversation about the date of when Jesus Christ was really born.

In quiet anger, I simmered… I just couldn’t understand why his birthdate was so very important!

For on to us a child is born and on to us a son is given, said Isaiah 9:6.

He was given to us! To YOU and to ME!

But yet we argue amongst each other about the date that he was born.

But yet a son was given to us all … One who understands us. One who came to love us. One who just wants us to love each other. One who came to give the ultimate sacrifice. But yet we stay and decide to argue the date of when HE was actual born.

Shame on us.

The Bible was so clear about the coming of Christ and was detailed in so many aspects of his life. Nowhere in the Bible do we see the actual date for any birth … why? Because it isn’t important!

Even in anger, my heart cries out for our world. We are so caught up in the schemes of the devil and argue amongst each other about trifle things.

Food for thought: As you journey in your walk with Christ this year, pray that the schemes of the devil will be shown to you. Don’t get caught!

Prayer: Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you Lord that you sent your Son to die for our sins and save us from the schemes of the evil one. Forgive us when we allow ourselves to be caught. Father guide our path with your bright light. In Jesus name. Amen

 May the God of peace, love and mercy be with you.

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