International Women’s Day

*caveat that this is a special prayer post for all of my female readers*

Worldwide Celebration of Women occurred on 8 March 2018.

Some of you probably went through the day not even realizing that it was a special day. For some it was a celebration of how far women have come. The theme this year was “Press for Progress”. For me, it was a day to truly reflect on ‘progress’ and pray.

pexels-photo-906024.jpegAs women of God, I encourage you to press forward in Christ. To not lose focus.

To transform your mind from the weights of this world and renew yourself to the steadfastness of Christ, your Savior and Lord.

Prayer: Enter Holy Spirit. Abba Father, I pray for this amazing woman today reading this. Thank you for choosing her. Thank you for guiding her to wisdom and seeking to know you more Lord. I pray that she will be God fearing (Proverbs 31:30).  That her love and reverence to you will never falter. When evil comes at bay, I pray that she will rise and be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:9). Calling on you and knowing that you will never leave or forsake her. May she be reminded how much you love her (John 3:16). That your plans for her are amazing (Jeremiah 29:11) and what an beautiful future she has ahead of her, if only she stays focused on you and puts you first. Tribulations, troubles, grief and pain may come her way, but in the Lord she can rest and find peace. Remind her to be gracious (Proverbs 11:16) at all times. No matter the situation or the season. Cover her under your blood Jehovah Nissi. Confirm for her how beautiful she is in every way (Song of Songs 4:7). Made after God’s own image and placed in this world to love. May she believe that you Lord, will fulfill every promise you have made to her (Luke 1:45). And that any time she loses her way, becomes confused or just don’t know how to carry on, bless her in such a way that she feels your presence ever more. As she goes about her day, may she be a blessing on to others, planting seeds for your kingdom and nurturing them with love. In Jesus name. Amen

My beautiful friend, go in God’s peace and love.

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