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I am in LOVE with my personal trainer.


Not something you hear everyday! But my trainer is the best of the best.


He is dedicated to me

He is faithful

He drives me to surpass myself

He doesn’t give up so I can’t give up

He ensures that I endure the hardship of training

He allows me to scream, vent, cry and reminds me it is ALL OK

He is always with me


God is my personal trainer and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The journey of being someone after God’s own heart takes dedication, full obedience and discipline. It isn’t easy but it is very rewarding.


Like any good athlete that is preparing for a competition, they hire a personal trainer. This trainer is focused on their growth and development. In many cases they are involved in every facet of that athletes life. But before that happens, the athlete has to choose the path he will take and who he wants to train him.


I choose Christ.


I choose to live, serve and obey HIS will.


I refuse to accept a second rate trainer. I want to go straight to the source.


So I follow the guide book in my training (the bible) and discipline myself to read it daily and communicate with my trainer via prayer.


Previously I didn’t want to train daily. It was too hard! I was too busy, too tired, too focused on other things. I did training on my own time when I could squeeze it in.


Needless to say, it showed.


Food for thought: What are your goals in your walk with Jesus? Are you seeking to be a Godly man or woman? If yes, desire Christ with all of your heart and seek HIM.


Prayer: Abba father, you sent your son into this world as a true example of how we should live godly lives. May we desire you above all else. In Jesus name. Amen 

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